Anxiety can be a debilitating beast...

Jessica struggled each day to do things most children would take for granted.  It was tough for her to be apart from her mother, and she fretted something bad would happen while they were apart.  She circled the house checking the doors were locked each night.  And she worried herself to sleep, often wetting the bed.  Although family and friends weren't aware of her heartache, Jessica's ongoing anxiety affected the whole family.

Over time a range of therapy strategies were implemented.  Jessica's favourites were writing about her own stories.  She also enjoyed fun games of hide and seek (especially when Dad got involved as he had ways of making it a lot more funny).  Praying together as a family, and having her family take extra steps to ensure she felt secure all helped.

Eventually, the family decided to try the GAPS Diet.  Within 3 days of starting the GAPS Diet Jessica exclaimed to her mother, "Wow!  This is what it feels like not to be worried all of the time!  It's amazing!  I can do things and just enjoy doing them without worrying!"  Within 3 weeks anxiety was but a memory.  That is until the old foods started to creep back in. 

After several months of living with the anxiety again Jessica decided it was time to get serious and be free of it completely.  So the family started GAPS again with renewed commitment and determination to keep going for the long haul this time.  Very quickly things improved for Jessica.  And with a few additional remedies and treatment strategies Jessica has been able to be completely free of all anxiety and bedwetting for over a year now.  And if occasionally non-GAPS foods creep back in there are no relapses, which is a good indication that the gut lining has healed and that the neurotransmitters are working much better now.

Congratulations Jessica!  You are such an overcomer!  I'm sure this is the start of a great life of freedom and joy for you knowing that you recovered from something so tough through your own hard work!