GAPS - Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Our physical and mental health is completely dependent on the health of our digestive system.   GAP Syndrome establishes a link between the state of the gut and health of body and mind.

GAPS (Gut and psychology/physiology syndrome) is a term coined by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride in exploring and treating underlying gut health to improve various conditions.

Gut and psychology syndrome describes conditions where gut health is primarily effecting neurotransmiters.  This might be expressed as conditions like autism, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, epilepsy, dyspraxia, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and eating disorders.  Sometimes it simply presents itself as foggy thinking, impaired memory and difficulty concentrating.

Gut and physiology syndrome is when gut health is reflected in other areas of the body, for example, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases (including health problems like Diabetes Type 1 and arthritis), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, ME, asthma, allergies, other neurological conditions, hormonal problems and skin conditions like excema to name a few.

Many of these health issues are occuring in ever-increasing epidemic proportions.  Seeing these epidemics explode in my years as an OT motivates me to search and search for solutions and helpful strategies.  And I have an underlying belief that nature provides many sources of healing.  My hearts desire to find real solutions to these issues led me on a journey to GAPS. 

GAPS treatment is an excellent strategy for improvement and/or recovery from a range of issues.  And GAPS strategies pair especially well with occupational therapy.  Addressing the underlying causes of health issues while also providing therapy to improve skills and independence can produce enhanced outcomes. 

Some people embarking on their GAPS journey simply buy the book and start taking responsibility for improving their own health immediately.  Others find it helpful to have support/guidance about where to start with GAPS, how to trouble shoot problems along the way, and how to adapt this protocol for your (or your child's) individual health needs.  For information about GAPS consultations please contact us.  Or read stories from families who have used GAPS in their healing journey.

Natural Solutions

It's no secret - I'm passionate about natural health solutions!  At The Whole Child we have an underlying philosophy that parents and carers have the ultimate responsibility and authority in making the best choices they can for their child.  We support families in their journey whether their choices involve medical or natural solutions, or both.  We can provide guidance and encouragement for families wishing to explore a range of natural health solutions.  

  • Homeopathy and other natural medicine techniques are supported as a scientifically based.  Referrals to local practitioners can be arranged if desired.
  • General, practical, natural solutions and information for common health issues.
  • Use of high quality, natural, down-to-earth materials is a priority in our therapy sessions.


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