One Year Old Sauerkraut

Oct 05, 2016

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Happy 1st Birthday Sauerkraut!  One year ago today my youngest daughter was born.  And my nesting instincts leading up to her birth had been totally devoted to making copious amounts of saurkraut, kimchi, rainbow kraut and all sorts of fermented wonders...

Naturally I've been a bit distracted over the past year though, and so some of the batches hid away deep in the dark recesses of the fridge (yes - my fridge definitely has some deep, dark recesses - don't know about yours, but mine does!). 

So recently my husband watched a show about how awesome kimchi is and he was wondering if his amazing wife would ever make him some... so Walaah!!!  I remembered that I had a batch in that deep, dark recess that had been aging for almost a year.  We cracked it open and to my amazement it was the most delicious ferment I've ever made or tasted.  The flavours were complex and really developed - so yummy the whole family were wanting to eat loads of it with each meal.  And wouldn't you know, way back there I found a couple more ferments I'd forgotten about... herhum... aged carefully... and so we have delicious sauerkraut, also one year old.

So from now on I'm definitely going to make loads of ferments and forget about as many of them as I can and age them at least 6 - 12 months, because those flavours are to die for!!!

So happy 1st birthday to my gorgeous little cherub - thanks for inspiring sauerkraut and kimchi energy... oh and happy 1st birthday to my delicious sauerkraut too!


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