May 31, 2015

Just back from the GAPS practitioner training course in Sydney where I was lucky enough to be one of a small number of practitioners in Australia to train in person with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride! 

I'm so inspired, and I've hit the ground running...


What on earth is GAPS?  GAPS was coined by Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride and stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome and Gut and Physiology Syndrome. 

To simplify it, basically Dr. Natasha links many mental, emotional and physical health issues to the health of our gut and gut lining.  And 15 years ago she began ground breaking work in using specific dietary principals to help people heal and recover from health issues that are notoriously difficult to deal with.  Like many people who begin revolutionary work, she started with the motivation of a mother... because her own child was diagnosed with autism.  As a neurologist and nutritionist Dr. Natasha began a journey of realisation that nutrition was critical in helping children and adults overcome their disabilities.

It has been a great privilege to travel to study with Dr. Natasha - not least because it's the very first time in 11 years I have ever been away from my 5 children and husband (who all had a brilliant time of their own!)  Like the other participants in the course, I was in awe of Dr. Natasha's experience and expertise about such a wide range of health issues.  And as soon as I returned to work I felt that I was even better equipped to truly help the "whole child" in their journey of overcoming challenges and improving their health and well-being.

So what does this mean for my practice? 

GAPS Logo.jpgWell, naturally I am an OT so that will always be a predominant focus of mine.  I am also able to use GAPS skills, principles and knowledge in appointments to give individual guidance for clients where relevant or appropriate.  For clients who would like to explore GAPS related issues on a deeper level I can provide GAPS consultations (in conjunction with OT assessments if relevant).

If you'd like to find out more about GAPS and how it may relate to your journey feel free to contact me or enjoy your own journey of discovery and learning.



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