School Sores

Sep 07, 2014

School sores... the words alone make parents all over the world shudder! It was a challenging experience, but eventually we learnt powerful natural health solutions to treat and prevent.

First of all stay calm.  Your skin is one of the primary shedding organs in the body, and natural health philosophy is pleased by skin rashes as it is a very effective way of detoxing the body.  This is a healing process and needs to run its course without being suppressed if possible.  On the other hand, it's distressing and challenging to manage, so no one should ever be judged if they resort to antibiotic/antibacterial creams. 

In all of our years of treating illnesses naturally, school sores was definitely a tough one.  In the end we were able to bring healing to each person with only natural remedies.  This was our treatment protocol:

  • Our homeopath makes a mixed remedy especially for impetigo.  It is Ant Crud 6 with Ars Alb 200.  This remedy is available directly from Henny Beckert at Cairns Homeopathy or from Atherton Health Food Store.
  • Treat each child with active sores 3 x day with diluted tea tree, calendula and hypericum oils mixed with coconut oil.  It is important to use good quality real tea tree oil in an oil base (not the cheaper tea tree in an alcohol base - it will hurt too much).  When our children had a lot of sores and they seemed to be spreading rapidly we ended up applying this mix to the whole body, and it stopped the spread and healed the sores.  This, along with plain coconut oil, was the most effective treatment for every member of the family.  And rubbing the skin daily with coconut oil prevents school sores.
  • During the early stages we used green clay poultices with some of our children.  Sometimes we mixed tea tree and myrrh oils into the clay.  Poultices are made by mixing green clay with water to make a paste and spreading thickly over the skin.  Then leave till dry.  This can be done overnight but don't cover poultices except just with loose cotton clothing.  For some of our children this was soothing and cooling.  Other children hated it.  I generally trust the individual child to show you what they need. 
  • Charcoal poultices worked well for some children, and others hated it.  Mix small amount of charcoal powder with water to make a paste and apply thickly to skin.
  • If sores are on sensitive areas of the body e.g. lips/eye use manuka honey or coconut oil.  On privates you may use diluted tea tree (yes, some of our poor children had them spread into those areas).
  • To heal and prevent scarring use calendula tincture or calendula oil.  We are lucky enough to have a vegie bed full of flowers, so we can infuse our own oil, and rub it into the skin for healing.

Don't stress if infection spreads to other family members... they are also just having their system cleaned out via the skin and ultimately their overall health will be stronger for it.  Just treat proactively and promptly to support their body to heal, and reassure yourself it will pass.


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