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Sep 09, 2014

Our family first began taking fermented cod liver oil a few years back when our friend Tanya from Pinkfarm gave us a bottle that her family weren't quite ready to take the leap to eat. 

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We had just enjoyed a DVD by Sally Fallon (Nourishing Traditions) and were inspired by her discussions about regular cod liver oil use in children preventing diabetes in adults, among many other health benefits. 

We had been taking another brand of cod liver oil, but were disheartened to learn that most brands of cod liver oil and fish oils were industrially processed, stripped of nutrients and had synthetic vitamins added back in. The better brands used natural vitamins... but still this wasn't what we were wanting.  We wanted real cod liver oil

When we tasted Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil and butter oil blend we all said "Aaaahhh... that's what cod liver oil is meant to be like."  It actually tasted like you would imagine cod liver oil to taste... Yes, it took a bit of getting used to, but we all just knew that our bodies and minds were yearning for more of the stuff.  And we haven't looked back.  We keep a basket of oils on the dining table and eat them with our meal, washing them down with a drink of raw milk, a smoothie, or a homemade fermented drink.  And Tanya's family, in amongst their nourishing diet, also enjoy them now too - each having their own preferred flavour.

Our family also enjoy Green Pastures Skate Liver Oil.  Dave Wetzel, from Green Pastures, sources his cod livers from sustainable fishing in Russia.  The Russians were intrigued by someone using traditional techniques to ferment their cod livers, but they kept telling him if he liked cod liver oil he really needed to try making skate liver oil - their traditional sacred food.  For us the effects of skate liver oil is hard to put into words… except to say that in what from the outside probably seems like a totally ridiculous amount of pressure (running a business or two, homeschooling 5 children, cooking everything from scratch and being happily married) we are mostly calm and settled.  Skate liver oil is definitely a big contributor to all of those things running smoothly.  We've had periods here and there without it, and we all notice the difference. 

Based on our personal experience we would definitely recommend cod liver and skate liver oils for anyone who wants to improve memory, attention/concentration, mood and mental health, joint health and overall well being.

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