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Sep 03, 2014

I want to share with you a quick, easy, free thing that you can do for yourself to make profound differences to your health.  I know – that all sounds way too good to be true – and because it sounded so simple I didn’t try it until about 10 years after I first heard about it!  Ridiculous considering what a difference it’s made for me! 

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It’s called “Oil Pulling” and the results will amaze you.  It’s very simple and once you get used to it is easy to include in your daily routine.  Basically you swish and work a teaspoon or two of oil around your mouth for about 20 minutes. 

It works because the emulsifying action of the oil makes your body produce saliva and mucous, and the action within your mouth works to deeply cleanse your mouth (and eventually body) of harmful bacteria.  You might have heard the saying “All disease begins in the mouth” – well this method might end up making you believe that saying, because it offers profound relief for varying symptoms. 

When I first started oil pulling I had suffered from chronic neck pain which often led to migraines – and I’d tried ever natural health remedy to no avail.  After the first day of oil pulling my neck felt significantly less sore.  Within 3 days the pain was gone – completely – and I slept well, pain free for the first time in months! I had to stop oil pulling during the early stages of pregnancy, and the pain returned... When I could start again the pain was gone the next day!

I’ve heard reports from others of chronic back pain, halitosis, and tooth decay all disappearing.  I know – it really does sound too good to be true.  But it is very real, and can have a huge impact so I felt compelled to share it with you all. 

I personally love to do it first thing when I wake up – as that is when the levels of bad bacteria in your mouth are highest.  I do it while I have a shower and make breakfast.  Then I take my probiotic powder – I have found the probiotic powder is even more effective once you start oil pulling. I’m sure it must be easier for the good bacteria to colonise your digestive system when there is less competition.  And then I go about my day.

Oil Pulling Instructions
You can use any vegetable oil for oil pulling, so you can start with what you have in your cupboard.  It doesn't need to be organic as you won't swallow it.  It is best to use an oil with a mild, pleasant flavour so coconut, sesame and safflower oils are often recommended.  I choose coconut (even though in cold weather I have to chew it a little till it is liquid).  Coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal so I find it achieves great results.

1.  Take 1-2 teaspoons of the oil and put it in your mouth.  Begin to swish it all around your mouth over every surface you can bring it to.  After a while you will feel more liquid come into your mouth as you secrete more saliva.  Eventually, if the amount becomes too much (more so when you are just beginning) it is okay to either spit a little out and continue, or spit it all out and start again.

2.  For any health results you need to oil pull for 20 minutes.  Any less doesn't seem to have the same results.  To start with this can be hard to get used to.  I find it best to do something to distract myself (e.g. shower, make breakfast, cleaning).  If you need to stop half way through and start again (as described above) then you just need to do a total time of 20 minutes.

3.  You may need to cough or blow your nose while you are doing it as mucous production is stimulated.  With practice you'll be able to do all these things while you are oil pulling.  Don't worry if you lose control while you are first learning and accidentally spurt it out.  You'll get more control with practice.  If it is very challenging to start with you can reduce the time to say 5 minutes until you get used to it and increase it as it becomes easier.

4.  Don't swallow the oil as it contains poisons, toxins and harmful bacteria.  If you accidentally swallow a little, don't stress - it'll be fine, but try to avoid swallowing it.

5.  Don't spit the oil down your sink as it will clog your sink.  Spit it into the rubbish or in the garden.  It will be a white colour after 20 minutes.

6.  Children over the age of 5 can learn to do oil pulling.  They can usually only do it for about 5 minutes.  Let them learn at their own pace.

7.  You can do it at any time of the day, but the harmful bacteria are highest in your mouth first thing in the morning.  You can have a small drink of water first to moisten your mouth and help stimulate saliva production.  If you prefer other times of the day that is fine.  If you are trying to heal very serious health complaints you are best to do it 3 times a day, but for most people once a day is fine.

8.  In the first couple of weeks you may notice your body going through a cleansing reaction where a lot of mucous production is stimulated.  This is normal, and a good sign that your body is cleansing - even though it may feel not quite so nice at the time.'s free, it's easy, and it's a habit I'll be keeping!


Reference: Oil Pulling Therapy by Dr. Bruce Fife.


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