Off to GAPS training

May 16, 2015

I'm off to Sydney... I feel like a big kid.  This is my first trip away from my family in over 11 years and I'm going all by myself.  But the reason I'm going is even more exciting. 


I've been accepted to do the GAPS practitioner training course with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.  It's a wonderful opportunity and when I return I'll be able to use the GAPS information in my private practice as a Certified GAPS Practitioner.

In preparation for the course I have been rereading (for the third time) my GAPS book.  It was a great journey of discovery when a good friend passed this book my way a few years ago.  It opened up my eyes to the link between gut health, nutrition and all sorts of issues I commonly see in my private practice like autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, sensory processing issues, depression, memory problems and many more.

It has been very exciting for me to have the privilege of working with some families who have ventured into the territory of healing gut health and nutritional therapies.  I have walked alongside these families as they have done their own research, worked extremely hard at preparing nutritious food, and had their ups and downs with their journey.  I feel so lucky to be working at a time where - yes we are seeing epidemic proportions of many childhood health issues, but we have new, simple, down to earth tools and strategies that we can use to help children heal.

In my experience with clients so far, things don't seem as cut and dry as many books portray.  There are steps forward, backward and round and round in circles at times.  Problems fade, reemerge with a vengeance, and sometimes completely dissappear.  It's still very hard work.  And over time I'm really appreciating when I have the opportunity to be involved with families who are willing to tackle their problems from a few different angles. 

My favourite "trifector" approach would involve traditional OT strategies (e.g. sensory processing, play therapy, developmental approaches); nutrition/gut healing; and homeopathy.  In my experience you generally need these different perspectives to bring about more holistic resolution to problems.


At the moment though, I'm really enjoying immersing myself in the world of GAPS again.  I love learning about how gut health can mean that some foods may have a drug like affect and cause really bizarre behaviours.  I am inspired and hopeful when I read about strategies to heal and improve gut health.  I am really curious about how families I work with can benefit at different levels from this information.  And I'm very much looking forward to my adventure to Sydney to spend a few days in the company of Dr. Natasha and other like minded health professionals.


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