Bottle their energy!

Sep 11, 2014

If only we could bottle some of their energy!


The other day my children and I were reading the ingredients on a friend's organic energy drink... and my children were lamenting that I wouldn't buy them some.  Jeepers - can you imagine!  Children drinking energy drink!  Enough to make me run the other direction!!!

But us mum's and dad's - we sure could do with some energy couldn't we?  People often ask me "How do you do it all, and stay calm and positive?"  Well, truth is I don't always.  But the times when I do I know the key is paying very good attention to my own health and well being.  These are my top tips for feeling energetic, positive and calm when I have a lot on my plate:

  • Fermented skate liver oil  - can't be without it.  Definitely gives me the level headed calm feeling I need to tackle things one at a time.  For me this is my daily "must do".
  • Probiotics - homemade or commercial  (sauerkraut, kefir, cultured cream or yoghurt, kombucha or my best summer day pick me up Nonna's apple cider vinegar and honey cordial - equal parts of each and mixed with water to taste - and you can add a small amount of bicarb soda).  Taking care of my gut health is a key in ensuring that I feel healthy, that I'm digesting well, and that I'm able to absorb the nutrients I'm eating.
  • Herbs definitely help, and my favourites are Astragalus, Withania and Korean Ginseng.  All of these herbs are well known for supporting you during times of stress, and giving you good energy levels.  I like Nature's Sunshine herbs because there is nothing else added.
  • Organic Liver - I personally had low iron levels over the years and that definitely waxes my energy.  I either cut up frozen liver into capsule size pieces and swallow as if it was a capsule.  Or I grate up to 2 tablespoons frozen liver into a smoothie - you can't taste it at all, it just makes it lovely and frothy. But my kids hate the thought of it, so I have to be a little sneaky... or yummy liver pate.  I love my friend Miranda's recipe, with carrots added for that natural sweet edge.  Ensuring liver is a regular part of my diet helps me maintain healthy iron levels.
  • Power nap - as a Mum who has spent over 10 years waking up and caring for children through the night I've perfected the art of a power nap.  Even if you can't sleep, just lying down, sinking your whole body into the mattress and resting restores your energy and helps you keep on going.
  • A burst of the midday sun can give that energy boost you need... even if you just get out to hang out the washing.
  • Playing chasy with the kids.  The sad thing is that some of my children are already faster than me... so I have to really work in a game of chasy.  But it gets the blood flowing, gets us all giggling, and helps us all to feel positive and energetic.
  • And sometimes a piece of Loving Earth chocolate is the only pick me up that will do!  I like Loving Earth because it's all organic, raw cacao, coconut sugar sweetened and no nasties.

A study once required adults to follow toddlers and mimic their movements.  It was intended the adults would do this for the whole day, but after just two hours the adults weren't able to keep going.  It was so exhausting.  We do have to nurture ourselves to keep up with our kids.  It's worth adding those little things that make a difference, just adding one at a time, to our daily routines.

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